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Yes, Doon Blossom Academy is a co-educational institution.

We have a clear and fair discipline policy that promotes positive behavior and addresses any issues promptly and constructively.

We take bullying prevention seriously and have programs in place to educate students and staff about bullying, as well as a reporting system for addressing any incidents. We organize special workshops to spread awareness among students.

We believe in a balanced approach to homework, ensuring it reinforces classroom learning without overwhelming students. Teachers provide clear guidelines.

Our teachers are highly qualified, and we provide ongoing professional development and training sessions in accordance with the new NEP Curriculum to ensure they stay updated with the latest educational practices.

For PG to UKG, the ratio is 1:25, and for Grades 1 to 12, it is 1:35.

The school can provide contact details of facilitators associated with this service.

Yes, we ensure full participation with 100% involvement.
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