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We at DBA ensure academic advancement that pertains to the ongoing enhancement of educational curricula, instructional approaches, and learning materials to enrich students' educational journeys and scholastic accomplishments.

Soft Skills

Students learn soft skills encompassing individual traits, communication proficiencies, and interpersonal abilities that help build their personality.


A webinar involves planning, scheduling, and organizing presentations that allow students to stay connected, gain knowledge and learn digital utilities. We at DBA encourage students to participate in webinars like Career counseling, etc.


A formal gathering aimed at exchanging expertise, deliberating concepts, and fostering networking prospects among students. Seminars like time management, presentation skills, communication skills, etc. are organized at DBA from time to time.

Our approach for Holistic Development of DBAites

Talent Recognition and Cultivation:

We identify students' areas of excellence and offer specialized exposure to nurture those skills.

Engagement in School Activities:

Students are encouraged to participate in both intra and inter school events, fostering a holistic growth experience

Preparation for External Exams:

Additional resources are provided for exams like SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) and Silverzone Olympiads, aiding comprehensive preparation.

Access to Resource Room & Library:

Access to books from our Resource Room & Library supports leisure time learning and exploration.

Acknowledgment and Motivation:

Appreciation badges are presented in students' Almanacs, boosting their motivation and self-esteem.

Guidance for Parents:

We provide guidance to parents on facilitating their child's development in their areas of excellence.

Leadership Opportunities:

Promising students are entrusted with classroom responsibilities, fostering leadership skills.

Specialized pedagogy for Slow Learners


Weakness Identification: We identify students' areas of improvement.


Parental Counseling: Parents receive guidance to support their child at home.


Supplementary Homework: Additional homework provided with parental consent.


Handwriting Improvement: Extra exercises for proper formation and strokes.


Holiday Assignments: Additional tasks during breaks for targeted students.


Enhancing Writing Speed: Time-bound tasks for slow writers, parental involvement encouraged.


Buddy System: Proficient students assist slower learners.


Strengthening Basics: Extra practice to reinforce weak foundations.


Customized Comprehension Practice: Tailored exercises based on individual learning pace.

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