Doon Blossom Academy

Welcome to Doon Blossom Academy !



Welcome to Doon Blossom Academy, nestled in an upscale neighborhood.
Our spacious campus boasts a four-story building and an entry hall adorned with inspiring mantras.

Our campus at DBA encompasses various facilities including a sports ground, classrooms, auditorium, offices, and a sandpit. Our vibrant and well designed colorful classrooms are designed for flexibility to enhance student learning. The school playground serves as an excellent space for socializing and enjoying the outdoors. With features like basketball and tennis courts, it offers opportunities for play, exercise, and fun.

Dance & Music Rooms

Stimulate young minds in our dance and music rooms, which promote neural connections.

Well Equipped Library

The library offers a wealth of insightful books, fostering economic, social, and cultural development.

CCTV camera

We prioritize safety with CCTV cameras for monitoring and documentation. Join us at Doon Blossom Academy for an enriching educational journey.

Play Area

Explore our Play Arena, featuring cutting-edge games and engaging activities.

Ball pool corner

The Ball Pool Corner supports physical and postural growth.

Splash-pool activities

Our splash programs enhance alertness.

Activity Room

Designed to accommodate various interests and activities, promoting creativity and practical learning experiences that go beyond the typical classroom setting.It inspires students to investigate, engage in hands-on experimentation, and cultivate essential skills.

Audio-visual room

The modern Audio-Visual Room at DBA enriches the educational experience by employing multimedia assets and interactive technologies, effectively enlivening lessons in an engaging manner.


The sandpit area features multiplay systems that create a safe and enjoyable environment for students to play together. Interactive elements like slides, swings, and other activities keep them entertained and engaged. Join us at Doon Blossom Academy where we prioritize both learning and recreational experiences.

Strong IT infrastructure allows administrative offices to share information efficiently and facilitate parents with timely communication. School offers a fully Wired and Wireless Networked Campus. A campus wide network offers connectivity between all labs, resource rooms and admin blocks. A 24X7 internet access is provided to all computers housed in the campus.

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