Doon Blossom Academy

Welcome to Doon Blossom Academy !


"A fly towards perfection with the wings of academic excellence and spiritual awakening, that makes the way to a complete and authentic life for the blossomites"

At DBA, we envisage reaching the pinnacle of educational excellence, sculpting our students to be catalysts for societal prosperity, peace, and advancement

To materialize this vision, we illuminate our students with a value-centric education system that integrates Sanskar, Prayer, Perseverance, and Success. This cultivates foundational virtues such as humility, resilience, responsibility, compassion, and discipline, nurturing their comprehensive development.


Positioned as a global hub of education, Doon Blossom Academy is resolutely dedicated to nurturing students' intrinsic curiosity, expansive creativity, and holistic maturation.

Our mission at DBA extends to perpetually elevating our teaching methodologies, infrastructure, and curriculum according to National Education Policy 2020 to harmonize with the dynamic trajectory of the education realm.

Recognizing the significance of parental support in dispelling limiting beliefs, we ingeniously foster parent involvement through collaborative initiatives. This dynamic synergy emboldens our students to fearlessly engage with the global landscape.




At DBA, our educational objectives extend beyond mere academic achievements. Our focus lies in nurturing compassionate and accountable individuals by fostering their intellectual, emotional, academic, and social growth. Prayer, a core element of spiritual development, serves as the foundation for students' continued progress, aiding in the reduction of ego while cultivating traits like tolerance, positivity, concentration, gratitude, and self-discipline. Commencing each day with prayer sets a positive tone for the ensuing hours. When prayer becomes a consistent practice, it cultivates faith and inner resilience, equipping students to confront life's multifaceted challenges with enhanced decision-making abilities.


We believe that Perseverance tops aptitude and is an accurate predictor of achievements. Perseverance involves efforts, practice and learning from failures to be successful in life. When students pursue a goal they are bound to encounter setbacks and obstacles and during that time they need to focus on completing what they started. This is where our multidimensional counseling plays a pivotal role in helping students realize their unique potential through developing resilience, faith, grit, conscientiousness, motivation and determination.


DBA is recognised as one of the best schools in Ahmedabad by educators and parents as it offers world-class education rooted in Indian values. We emphasize developing Sanskar to pass on knowledge, wisdom and lessons of behavior that have been a part of Indian heritage since time immemorial. Our holistic education approach creates a healthy, nurturing, positive and thriving environment through Sanskar. The guiding principles that have been embedded in the fulcrum of our educational ecosystem ensure steering our students in the right direction keeping serious concerns of indiscipline, misbehavior and more at bay. Moreover, Sanskar also helps students to improve focus thus improving academic and extracurricular achievements.


We firmly believe that the triumph of an educational institution is realized through the synergy of educators, students, parents, and communities working harmoniously to shape a promising generation. The extraordinary achievements of DBA stem from multifaceted elements, including innovative strategies implemented by visionary leaders, an exceptionally engaged parent body and alumni network, well-endowed faculties, dedicated staff, and beyond. Our primary focus revolves around catering to students' academic, social, and emotional requisites, guiding them to explore potential career trajectories while nurturing their passions and aptitudes. True success, in our perspective, materializes as our well-educated, well-supported, and well-prepared students embrace leadership roles, contributing significantly to the betterment of society on a grand scale.

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