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Doon Blossom Academy employs a House System consisting of four student groups. This system promotes participation in sports, academics, and leadership development, with houses competing for an annual trophy based on various activities. It also nurtures a sense of belonging and supports students in their academic and personal growth. The benefits encompass a student-centered approach, a nurturing environment, and the cultivation of crucial life skills.

With confidence we advance, with gratitude we wait !

Shivalik House

Yellow colour

Shivalik House, identified by its yellow color and the motto "With confidence we advance, with gratitude we wait!" , embodies energy, warmth, and vibrancy. Its students are known for their determination, faith in each other, and an unwavering attitude of perseverance.





Students of yellow house are dynamic, determined and dashing. Led by the belief that they are more than just “an ordinary group of students”, they truly stand out. Yellow being the color of the Sun, they are a shining example to the students of the school.

Aiming high,
always giving it a try!

Satpura House

Emrald colour

Satpura House, distinguished by its emerald color and the slogan "Aiming high, always giving it a try!" , signifies nature, growth, and harmony. The students of Satpura House are described as down-to-earth, sociable, and responsible, excelling both academically and in sports, reflecting the spirit of their environment.





The GREEN color is considered as the color of peace and ecology. Green house is appropriately named ‘Satpura’, because of its link to the natural elements of the environment. All the members of green house are all- rounder and are consistently good performers in academics as well as sports.

Daring to win,
daring to dream !

Aravalli House

Ruby colour

Aravalli House, with its red color and the tagline "Daring to win, daring to dream!" , represents qualities like love, courage, victory, and unity. It excels in various activities including basketball, debate, face painting, and floral rangoli, showcasing the versatility of its students.





Students of Red House stand strong and united at all times and face adversities as a team. They are enthusiastic and achieve their goals, thereby upholding their values always.They are the jacks of all trades performing to the best of their abilities in sports and cultural events.

Ambition, the goal,
perseverance, the key!

Vindhyachal House

Blue colour

Vindhyachal House, characterized by its blue color and the motto "Ambition, the goal, perseverance, the key!", represents eternal peace, unity, and intellectual prowess. Its students excel in academics, co-curricular activities and demonstrate confidence, determination, and courage, making them true all-round achievers.





Blue embodies the vibration of nature, reflection of emotions, ability to communicate, to utilize knowledge. The students of the Blue House are triumphant in many of the co-curricular activities, be it quizzing or sports. They are committed to their goals.

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