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Learning from Practicals

Science Labs

Physics Lab

Explore the world of physics through our state-of-the-art laboratory! Our well-equipped facility accommodates up to 35 students, allowing each individual to conduct experiments independently. With an array of working models showcasing various experiments, students can delve into the world of physics with curiosity and excitement.

Our dedicated and qualified lab assistants ensure a safe and engaging environment. We prioritize safety by implementing comprehensive safety measures and conducting routine stocktaking to maintain the lab's impeccable condition. In our laboratory, physics students cultivate the skills of true scientists—posing questions and meticulously following procedures to uncover the wonders of the physical world.

Chemistry Lab

Our comprehensive chemistry laboratories complement classroom learning and promote hands-on experience. Tailored to reinforce lecture topics and foster analytical thinking, these labs accommodate 35-40 students each. Students engage individually in practical experiments, gaining proficiency in essential techniques and analytical reasoning.

In addition to regular testing, Class XII students undertake investigatory projects, enhancing their skills. Our well-equipped labs showcase a variety of experiments, supplemented by informative charts and models that serve as effective teaching aids. Qualified lab assistants oversee all activities, ensuring a safe experimental environment for students.

Biology Lab

Our Biology labs are well-equipped and structured, fostering hands-on learning. Today, quality labs are crucial for comprehensive education. Biology's essence lies beyond books; in exploration and experimentation unlocking the mysteries. We provide ample material for students to engage and comprehend complex concepts.

Real organisms and materials enhance effective teaching. Through direct interaction, students gain firsthand experience and perform experiments independently. Outdoor sessions on studying flora and fauna enrich their learning. Our garden, supplied with live plants and insects, serves as an ecological lab. From chromatography to grafting, all techniques are practiced here. Models aid understanding, making biology intriguing and innovative for both teachers and students.

Basic Skills taught In Biology Lab :-


Laboratory safety and understanding warning signs.


Dissection of plants and animals.


Use of the compound microscope.


Preparation of temporary slides.

Computer Lab

In our modern computer lab, students can learn the latest software technologies and gain hands-on experience, complete assignments, and connect with instructors. There are around 40 systems, configured with the latest operating systems. The labs are LAN connected to facilitate internet use as and when required. The labs are managed by two computer teachers. Children from classes I-XII use the labs. Children who have a flair for computers and are keen to learn more are encouraged to use the systems during the recess and class teacher periods.

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