For Bright Future

  • Identifying the excellence area of the child and giving more exposure relating to those skills.
  • Giving those children opportunities to participate in inter as well as intra school activities and competitions.
  • Providing extra material for external exams like SOF and SILVERZONE OLYMPIADS.

    Books from Resource Room & Library will be provided to them for use in leisure time.

  • Motivation by giving appreciation badges in their Almanacs.
  • Parents will be guided to help the child to develop more in his/her excellence areas.
  • Bright students will be given opportunities to head the responsibilities of the classroom.

For Slow learners

  • Identifying the weak areas of the student.
  • Parents will be counselled for the same in order to help the child at home.
  • Extra practice will be given in the form of homework with the parent’s consent.
  • For students with a bad handwriting, extra practice for proper formation and strokes will be given.
  • During holidays, extra homework will be given to such children.
  • For slow writers, specific time – bound tasks will be given and the same will be suggested to the parents.
  • A bright child of the class will be appointed as a Buddy to the slow learner.
  • The one with a weak foundation will be given more practice in order to strengthen their basics.
  • Children who have problems with comprehension will be given practice in relevance to their pace and learning pattern.