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Our Expectations from Parents


  • Be courteous in your interaction with teachers, staff members and other representatives of the School.
  • Ensure your child reaches School on time daily, completes home assignments and is always well-dressed and in complete uniform.
  • Attend Open House Days (Parents -teachers meeting) to discuss the progress of your child.
  • Please do not interrupt the teacher during class hours. Please approach teachers in the schedule already given.
  • For security and service reasons, parents are not allowed to access classrooms directly on regular School days. Parents are requested to kindly follow the given procedure to access the School.
  • Do not take your child on holiday during term time.
  • If there is an unforeseen emergency within the family, which requires you to request leave for your child, it is essential that you do this in writing to the Principal.
  • Do your best to attend public occasions and events organized by the School for the benefit of your child. Do not walk out halfway through a function when your child’s activity for the day is completed, kindly stay until the end of the function.
  • Encourage your child to take up new pursuits by enabling them to attend extra-curricular events and activities.
  • Please communicate the worry or a complaint to the School so that it can be dealt appropriately.
  • Pupils who are convalescing after an infectious disease or are exposed to any infectious disease will be allowed to attend School, only after a written permission is obtained from the doctor.
  • While communicating with the Principal & School office, parents / guardians are requested to mention in their letters, name, standard, division and roll no. of their children or wards.
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