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CMD’s Note

|| OM SHRI OM ||

A message to Parents & Teachers by Highly Honourable



Children are one of the best manifestations of God, as they are innocent & pure-hearted. They are an abode of latent virtues, we need to foster them. Parents & teachers should strive to develop these values and provide a conducive environment so as to unveil their inherent talents. The innocent mind of a child is like soft clay that can be moulded into any form, just like a small sapling which, if protected from wild beast of vices & if nourished with appropriate fertilizer & water of divine values, gets blossomed into beautiful flowers whose lovely fragrance thrills the hearts of one and all. Student life is the best time for building one’s character, which is such a valuable treasure that surpasses all other worldly treasures. Parents may give their dear ones all the riches & pleasure of life, modern education to acquire degree & certificates, nevertheless simultaneously, they must nurture them with the divine treasure of transcendental education that gives them the required confidence, strength & velour to face diverse challenges of life, cheerfully. This supreme knowledge is the sacred gift of Indian culture, alone. Thus, not only should you respect your culture but also inspire your children to do the same, and become brilliant, happy, healthy & prosperous. The book titled, “DESIGN YOUR DESTINY” – Vibgyor Series, helps to inculcate divine virtues in children and also ensure their wholesome development by improving their mental, intellectual and spiritual health. So, dear friends! It is my earnest request that the tender mind of children be protected from evil company & bad habits, as they are the future of our nation. Endeavour to unfold the intrinsic natural qualities in them. Your little efforts will pave way to the development of a self-reliant, powerful and philanthropic Nation.

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