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Admission Process


    1. Academic Year: The academic year extends from June to April. However, depending on the vacancy, admissions are open for the II semester as well.
    2. Eligibility:
      • Admission is done as per availability of seats and first come basis.
      • The optimum age of child for the respective standard is considered in which admission is sought.
      • Before affirming the admission, an interaction of child & parents with the Principal is required.
    3. Availability of Admission Forms: The admission forms for all the standards are available at the school help desk as well as the Prospective parents can also fill-up an ENQUIRY FORM from the website.
    4. We follow N.C.E.R.T. PATTERN and we have G.S.E.B. BOARD.


    Admission to other classes depend on the vacancy existing in the respective class. The procedure involves admission test followed by interview before the candidate is selected for admission. To get the admissions in Doon Blossom Academy- Ahmedabad , please follow the admission process.


    1. Filling Application Form @ Campus
    2. Attend Counselling @ Campus
      • Campus Tour
      • Online Test
      • Parents & Students Interaction
    3. Confirmation of Admission
    4. Registration of Admission
    5. Fill all the fields correctly and accurately as per Aadhar Card. Please ensure to give the correct date of birth of the candidate, full name (with surname), correct spellings of the name of the candidate/father/mother before submitting online. No changes will be accepted later.
    6. On the day of admission, the following documents to be provided.
    7. Copy of Birth certificate
    8. Copy of Aadhar Card of Student
    9. Student’s Transfer certificate/ Leaving Certificate of previous school. Copy of Caste Certificate
    10. Copy of Report card of the previous class
    11. Four passport size photos of the student.
    12. One passport size photo of each parent
    13. Student’s Certificate if any special achievement
    14. It is mandatory to bring a counter signed document given by the education authority in the case of the admissions from outside the State or Country.
    15. Congratulations! Your child is in DBA ! It will be the personal responsibility of the parent to inform the school in writing if the student is undergoing any medical ailment/ medical treatment/allergies etc… at the time of Registration.
    16. Admission will be granted to the eligible candidates as per the availability of the seats in the required grade. Preference will be given to siblings of the existing students provided there is a vacancy.‚Äč
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