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Directors Message

Prayer & Perseverance, Sanskar & Success!

The world of dreams of each parent begins and ends at their child. The aim and ambition of life revolves around their child. They sacrifice everything for their lovable child. They wish their dear one to be smart, intelligent and courageous.

May failures do not shake their confidence and may they continue to move on and on at the path of success with new energy and enthusiasm every moment. This is the dream of every parent for their children be it one, two or four. But I wish to see each and every child of DBA reach such heights. There are some sweet moments in everyone’s life that one does not wish to forget. It filled my heart with joy unspeakable when I was awarded by revered Dalai Lama for scoring the highest in my school. Even today, the fragrance of those moments thrills my heart and a wave of immense courage and enthusiasm gushes in every trace of my being. I wish that every Blossomite experience such delightful precious moments.

The accomplishment that I have attained today is because of my teachers during the school journey and blessings and inspirations of  SHRIJI whose inspirational words fills the hearts of people with courage, hope and enthusiasm. The presence of such an evolved and unique personality not only enhances our confidence but also encourage us to grow and prosper in every arena of our life.

I wish ALL THE BEST to all our Blossomites for their bright future. So, let’s join hands to make this institute a unique institute of our country.
     Ms.Sheetal Agarwal
       (Director D.B.A) 
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