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Our school rules are the standards of behaviour , values and set of principles that we expect from our learners. These clearly state what the school considers indispensable. These rules aim to promote supportive surroundings at the school, uphold effective teaching and a learning environment as well as foster mutual respect between staff members and the learners.

We encourage students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and the consequences of their actions. Most school policies and rules are clear and consistent: clear so that a learner knows what is and is not allowed at school; and consistent so that he/she knows what is likely to happen if they break the rules.


Please ensure that you have read this document. It can be downloaded from the school website or you can get a copy of the school discipline policy and rules from the office. These are available for both students and parents to access. We also have a school handbook or information booklet for parents and students. This is normally given out at the beginning of each year, which states the school rules.


 We consider regular and punctual attendance as essential for effective learning, if students are to make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. Parents,  guardians and teachers have a duty to ensure maximum attendance at school. The members of staff identify patterns of irregular attendance at the earliest opportunity and work  to resolve any personal or social difficulties.


This is one of our primary concerns. We ensure that children are safe and secure during the school hours. We have high technology surveillance through closed circuit cameras to ensure that no bullying, ragging or intimidation occurs on our premises.


Our school has specific punishments for different levels of behavior; however, individual circumstances will be taken into account. These are known as ‘Responsible Behavior Regulations’. The management has the right to suspend or exclude a learner on the grounds of misconduct, disobedience, involvement in drugs or violence. In case, a learner is a first time offender, he/she will be counseled by the school counselor. Our intention is to create an outward looking and a progressive ethos at our institution.

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