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Codes of conduct have been the foundation of religious traditions and civic cultures. They have tried to capture a vision of excellence – of what us as individuals and as a society should Endeavour towards. As families and societies, our school too has a code of conduct that is the basis of how we operate, and we ask our students, teachers, and administrators to commit to this standard. We consider good behaviour and discipline the cornerstones of an enriching education. Effective learning and even teaching is not possible without an orderly atmosphere, which is why we insist on high standards of behaviour throughout our school.


The safety and security of your child is our highest priority, and our code of conduct establishes rules and policies so that the entire school can come together as a community to learn, teach and work in harmony and mutual respect. Families of our students are a critical extension of our school community, which is why we ask you to please familiarise yourself with our code of conduct and discuss expected behaviour with your children. Good behaviour and respect for the rules is always praised and even rewarded in our school.


    We understand that no one document can list the appropriate behaviour for every situation, which is why our code of conaduct is intended as a guideline for students, teachers and administrative staff.


    1. Students must, at all times, carry themselves with respect and act sensibly. They must treat their peers, teachers, staff and visitors with courtesy and consideration
    2. Disciplined behaviour is also expected on school busses, on excursions, school meets, athletic events – and any other school outing. Any improper behaviour should be reported to teachers or chaperones.
    3. On par with our standards for student behaviour is our standard for their appearance. Students are expected to be well groomed and adhere to the dress code required by their schedule.
    4. We expect our entire school community to make every effort to attend all days of class. Students will have to submit a written notice from a parent or guardian to explain any unexcused absenteeism.
    5. Our school does not tolerate rude, offensive language, profanity and obscene gestures under any circumstance, even if students are angry. Verbal abuse generally leads to violence; therefore, it is treated as a serious offence.
    6. Smoking, drinking alcohol, bullying, sexual impropriety, stealing and vandalism are all considered major offences in our school. As a last resort, the Headmaster reserves the right to expel students if they demonstrate a constant disregard for our code of conduct.


    At our school, the rules are implemented consistently, fairly and reasonably. We have taken a lot of effort to keep the rules clear and consistent and expect all our students to follow them diligently.


    1. Students shall always show proper respect for their own property, the property of others and school property when they are at school and even on their way to school and back home. They shall also be respectful with their language, gestures and behaviour at all times.
    2. Once on school premises, no student can leave without explicit written permission from the Headmaster or a teacher. If a student cannot remain at school for some inclement reason, a parent or guardian will be expected to come pick them up.
    3. Students may not leave a classroom without a pass, which will be filled and signed by their teacher, even if they are going to the nurse’s office.
    4. Play fighting and rough games that involve pushing or hurting people are strictly not tolerated in school and on the way to and from school as well. Students could hurt themselves or other students while playing these games.
    5. Administrativae staff, school custodians and teachers should be always spoken to courteously and respectfully.
    6. All conflicts and disagreements will be resolved in a non-violent manner. If a student has a problem, they should approach their teacher or the proper authority immediately..
    7. Our hallways are not for racing or loitering. Students are supposed to keep to the left hand side while moving through the corridors to avoid congestion. Also, we request you to use the proper doorways while entering and exiting the building.
    8. We do not let our student carry knives and other implements that could be potentially dangerous. Students are also not allowed to carry their cameras, radios, MP3 players, electronic games, toys, etc. to class unless they have permission to do so.
    9. We expect excellent attendance and punctuality from all our students. We consider it essential for their academic success.


    1. Students of Doon Blossom Academy – Ahmedabad, should maintain discipline in the school.
    2. Whenevear a student’s deportment is found unacceptable he/she will be issued a Discipline form that has to be signed by the parents and given to the coordinator of the respective block.
    3. The student will be detained in the school which will be followed by suspension if the behavior is repeated.
    4. If the students are found roaming in the corridors or going to the washroom during class hours without the permission card, three chances are given after which a discipline form is issued to the student.
    5. These measures are taken by Doon Blossom Academy- Ahmedabad, bring in self-discipline among the students.
    6. Students can earn their credits by comporting well in the classroom as well as school premises and by keeping their classrooms neat and orderly.


    1. Students must maintain silence in the library.
    2. Borrowed books should return the books promptly by the students at the library, DBA.
    3. Students shaould handle the books meticulously.


    1. “Well behaved student”
    2. “Star student of the year”
    3. “Classroom of the week”
    4. “Best teacher Award”
    5. “Best Studeant Award”- Classwise
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