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Biology Lab

The Biology labs are well- structured, well-lit and well-equipped.Biology is a hands on science, and biology students are usually required to spend some time in the laboratory. It is imperative for schools to have the latest and high quality science lab supplies these days. Biology is different from other subject, in order to understand the organism, one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. There is no dearth of material and children are encouraged to explore the mysteries and understand difficult concepts of the subject through experimentation.

Effective teaching and learning of the subject can be done by seeing, handling and manipulating real organism or object and material. We have equipment, material specimen allow the students to interact directly. They get first-hand experience by performing experiment on their own. The children are also taken outdoors to study the flora and fauna. The school garden is an ecology lab by itself. The gardeners, supply the lab with live materials like plants and insects. All kinds of rooting, grafting, germination procedures and chromatography are also executed in the Biology labs.Students are made to use model/projects and understand different scientific concept and theories.Our bio lab. makes teaching interesting, easy and innovative both for the teacher as well as for the students

Basic Skills – Learnt In Biology Lab

    1. Laboratory safety and understanding warning signs,
    2. Dissection of plants and animals,
    3. Use of the compound microscope,
    4. Preparation of temporary slides.
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