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About Us: Vision & Mission

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” True education is to transcend beyond the boundaries of information and lead to the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of truth. The school was formed with a crystal clear vision to nurture and strengthen the education system in society and decide the progress level on the global map. The glorious history of Doon Blossom Academy dates back to its inception in 2002 with a penchant for serving humanity through education.



Welcome! our School was set up a decade back with an aim to create different learning experiences for a child. The school believes in nurturing creativity, excellence and providing a rich academic experience for your child, the school seeks to provide a clear framework within which students can blossom in all facets of learning; stepping beyond academics, the school believes in opening the windows for learning opportunities through sports, performing and creative arts, language skills and community services. It has been our endeavor over the last ten years: to nurture individuals who can lead the way in the community with their ideas, imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and excellence.

DBA is engaged passionately in imparting children modern education with a special emphasis on Values Learning, thereby trying to help children to restore the lost balance between worldly wisdom and moral values.



‘A flight towards perfection with the wings of academic excellence and spiritual awakening by adopting the principle of “Prayer, Perseverance, Sanskar and Success”, that makes the way to a complete and authentic life for the blossomites’.

Materialistic knowledge stands incomplete unless supplemented with inner knowledge of soul. At Doon Vedic Era, we strive to instill in our students the physical education coupled with the spiritual education through ‘SANSKAR SINCHAN’ which helps develop virtues like patience, courage, intelligence, humbleness and fearlessness in them. This Education, which helps children, inculcate ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ enriched with a divine knowledge is ‘Complete Education’ in real sense. The educational institutes, teachers and parents who endeavor to promote such education for the wholesome development of the children are truly praiseworthy and in turn facilitate children to carve out their future culminating in to a great success and become a better human being.



DBA philosophy promotes the education of the integral development of an student to be a lifelong learner by promoting international mindedness and emphasizing on intellectual, ethical, critical, personal, emotional and social growth through all domains of knowledge into a responsible global citizen.



    1. M- Manage with information and metrics
    2. A- Agility and Adaptability
    3. H- Honesty, Integrity and Ethical practice.
    4. A- Attitude before Knowledge
    5. T- Team work
    6. M– Mentor, Coach and Make a Difference
    7. A- Ambiance for learning
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