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doon blossom academy doon blossom academy doon blossom academy doon blossom academy

doon blossom academy

doon blossom academy

doon blossom academy

doon blossom academy

Doon Blossom Academy!

Prayer & Perseverance, Sanskar & Success!

Doon Blossom Academy seems to put life and soul into Swami Vivekananda’s sayings: “The education is not merely book learning, passing examinations and getting degrees and certificates. It is something more meaningful and more demanding, and that is man-making, character building and life-giving.”

EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF PERFECTION ALREADY IN MAN. Man, by his divine nature, is fulfilled, i.e. perfect; and true education aims at manifesting its perfection at various levels i.e. physical, mental, intellectual and moral We, at Doon , aim to provide the true education by which Character is formed, strength of Mind is increased, the Intellectual is Expanded and by Which one can Stand on one's own Feet. We, usually think Excellence or Perfection is far more than this. True education awakens the vital aspects of one's being both intellectual and emotional - so that one can become stronger and nobler. And the most vital aspect of education is the building up of a Strong Character.

Paraphrasing a poem of Rabindra Nath Tagore, "an Ideal Personality should be like Sun, which lights up the Whole World with its Radiance, while at the same time it retains the capacity to be caught in its Entirely, in a tiny Dewdrop. "Thus one aspect of Human Excellence is Radiance; the other is the capacity to enter into Happy Inter- Personal relationships without regard for high and low."

Be as deep as Ocean
 As broad as the sky
   & higher and higher You fly.
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